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Calvary Episcopal Church is located at 105 West Maple in Lombard, Illinois.  The parish offices are located in the large yellow house just west of the church building and there is parking behind the church.  On Sundays free parking is available in the lot on the east side of the church.




 Calvary Episcopal Church began its spiritual journey in a home on East Hickory Street in Lombard, Illinois.  The date was January l, 1929…Epiphany Sunday.  Records show that approximately 10 communicants and 20 Sunday school students made up the congregation of this church, then called Church of the Epiphany.  The Reverend Frank Millet, rector of Trinity Church in Wheaton, was Priest-in-Charge.  For the next thirteen years, this small mission group would hold services in various locations along Main Street, Lombard, eventually settling at its present location – 105 West Maple.  

 In 1942, the Chicago Diocese purchased this property, a five room white frame bungalow, naming the church Calvary.  This name was chosen in order that the “noteworthy and long-continuing tradition of Calvary Church, Chicago, (which was closed in 1937) should be perpetuated.”

In 1945 a remodeling process began on this small bungalow that would continue into the 1980’s.  First, a nave and a sanctuary were provided, followed by a parish hall, a kitchen and church school rooms.  Much of this work was a labor of love, done by some of the 110 registered church members for a cost of less than $3500.

In 1951, Calvary Episcopal Church officially became a parish with Father Herman Anker as the first rector.  In 1956, Father Anker was replaced by Reverend Richard Hayes who, upon retirement, was followed by Reverend Carl Bloom. 

  In 1959 the property at 115 west Maple was purchased to be used as a rectory and in 1965, the original white bungalow, which had been condemned by the village, was razed.

 In 1977, after an extensive search, Reverend Donald E. Castle became the rector at Calvary. 

In 1985, led by Father Castle, the congregation decided to build their new church.  When Calvary promised to raise $100,000 before turning a brick, the Chicago Diocese gave its permission to build.  In 1990, the congregation proudly dedicated its new church building.  The former church nave and sanctuary area was converted into a much needed and much enjoyed parish hall.  Ten years later, the lower level was remodeled to accommodate five new classrooms for our growing church school. 

Father Castle remained our priest until March, 2007 when a two year struggle with cancer forced him into retirement. In the same year, at our annual meeting, he was appointed Priest-Emeritus by a unanimous vote.  

Our church is comprised of over 160 loving, caring family units who make up the strong heart and soul of Calvary Episcopal Church.





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