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Calvary's Sunday School welcomes all children Pre-school (age 3) through High School. Our Preschool and Kindergarten children practice the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  The first through 5th grade work with the Sparks curriculum, and our middle school and high school students participate in the Journey To Adulthood program.
Please check the bulletin for all Church School events

All students and teachers are dismissed for class at the end of the 10:15am service.

Catechesis Level 1 - Tiffany Balsitis and Ruth Ann Pfohl   Helper Joe Vitti
1st /2nd  grade - Patty LeBlanc and Linda Szady
3rd /4th/5th grade Jennifer Hentrich, Ethel Samela, Lauren Szady
Rite 13 - Hester Bury and John Horn
J2A - Tom Ceplecha and Karen Newlin






Adult Formation is held every Sunday at 9:15AM in fellowship hall for all who enjoy learning new or different concepts and discussing them in an open forum.  We hope to learn the applications of Christian philosophy both personally and in the community.







Do you think that 13 is a lucky number???? Well the J2A class sure does, especially when a couple of zeros are added. The J2A production of "The Last Pirate of the Caribbean" grossed $1300 !!!! WOW, giant thank you’s need to go out to everyone involved in this successful production:
Thank you Ruth Ann Pfohl, your directing expertise was invaluable, you made everyone look and act their best.
Thank you Lauren Szady, as producer, you took care of ALL the little things that added up to a wonderful production.
Thank you cast, all your hours of practice and rehearsal really paid off. Jake Pardue is "The BEST Pirate of the Caribbean and Lombard". Hester Bury and Don Bradley, you are now officially J2A members!!! Two years of wonderful performances. Ron Seger and Pauline Smith, who would have known you two would have made such a great stage couple. I think some hidden talent has been uncovered. Hannah Dakis and Jordan Castle, another great stage couple, you guys were so convincing, were you really acting?!? Phoebe Ceplecha, our quick change artist, you were adorable. I hope this is a stepping stone to future roles. Grant Adamson, you were a very convincing military officer, a career path?!? Branden Hentrich and Annie Vitti, another great couple. Branden, your accents were great, very convincing, Annie you were perfect. Thank you actors!!!
Thank you to the audience members who stepped up as "reporters". Everyone made their part special and memorable. Also, thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the shows. Without your support these productions would never be so successful. More thank you’s to the production staff, Emily Adamson brought her experience back stage to make sure the actors always had what they needed. Mason Ceplecha did a wonderful job creating the decor for the stage and working behind the scenes. Brian Pfohl and Don Szady built the set in a day! Rachel Bonarek created posters to advertise the production; Lisa Pardue got the word out to the community. Special THANK YOU’S to Jennifer Hentrich and Karen Dakis for the delicious food. They kept the costs way down so the kids got a large "booty" for their Urban Adventure.
Last but not least, thank you Pastor Emily, your support and encouragement helped make this production successful. Your prayers helped too, we needed some Divine intervention.
As you can tell, this production didn't "just happen". There were a lot of dedicated people doing a lot of different jobs. Every day Calvary shows how much they are committed to their children.
Now for Church School news....the year is almost over....June 3rd will be the last day of school!!! We will celebrate with TeachersAppreciation and an Ice cream social. We are looking for church school teachers for next year, if anyone is considering this ministry, please let me or Pastor Emily know. We would love to have you join our team; you will learn a lot more from the kids than you will ever be able to teach them. Every week is a new adventure!! Please contact me with any questions.

Linda Szady, Sunday School Superintendent