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 Do you slow down as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer? Or do you find the extra daylight just gives you more to do? Life inside the walls of the church slows down a bit this month, but the life of faith may actually get busier.

If you spend the summer trying to keep up with the grass and your garden, you’re immersed in a work of faith – the adventure of caring for God’s creation, and the leap of faith that comes with nurturing growth in an unpredictable environment! Read the first two chapters of Genesis, or Psalm 104 to be reminded of how nature helps us engage with God. If you spend the summer on travel and family activities, it’s the work of faith. Caring for kids or parents, meeting new people, building and strengthening relationships are all ways to discover God incarnate, God with us. The stories of Abraham’s family in Genesis 12-50 remind us that even the most complicated of family lives can be the way God brings blessing to the world. Even if you spend the summer working longer hours, that could be the work of faith. Matthew 25 reminds us that it’s the things we do for others when we’re not expecting God to be paying attention that are the true actions of faith. And if, like me, you spend the summer believing that anything is possible, right up through the bottom of the ninth, over and over again – well, you’re exercising that faithful hope that helps us be ready for the coming of God any day now!

So live into the life of faith outside the walls, and every Sunday morning, we’ll come together to pause, pray, and refresh our spirits for all the faith-work that happens this summer!




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Pastor Emily