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Power Up!

Feeding the Village in South Sudan


In the new nation of South Sudan, the people are recovering from decades of war, beginning to rebuild their lives.  But in the village of Lathbior on the White Nile, farmers and villagers wait for the rain, hoping for enough to feed themselves and their neighbors this year.  Food safety nets are non-existent, and though the area is ripe and ready for agriculture, crops are terribly risky without generators to power irrigation.

This Lent, Calvary is raising funds to power up the village of Lathbior.  We plan to buy the village a generator to irrigate and bring healthy food, work, hope and confidence to the children of the local school and all the people of this village, and to help make the promise of peace a reality.


Lathbior is right on the White Nile river, but without the generator, the community is still at the mercy of rain or drought for food - and food has become scarce and difficult in South Sudan as a result of the civil war in Sudan and tensions across the new (2011) border between Sudan and South Sudan.  Agriculture in Lathbior is very important to the community. With the generator, water can be brought to the fields for cultivation of tomatoes, potatoes, okra, spinach, watermelon, pumpkins, bananas, and many fruit trees. The food will help the students at the Episcopal school in the village, as well as all the adults. This garden will readily feed this village all the fresh vegetables they need and sell the remaining produce.  Because the year is mostly dry with a brief rainy period of 3-4 months, irrigation is vital.  


We need to raise a minimum of $4,000.  The cost of the generator will be at least $3,000, because of rampant inflation. An example of inflation, which didn't exist before S. Sudan's independence, is the cost of water being piped into homes and schools. What used to cost $10/mo., now costs $30 for homes, and $150/mo. for schools. There is still a dispute over the oil resources of the region, so the oil fields are not working, leaving both Sudan and South Sudan in dire economic need. And, with the border still closed (which is where Renk is located), supplies, like the generator, cannot come from Khartoum, which is only 250 mi. north of Renk. Now, medicine, equipment, fuel, all supplies have to come from Juba, very far away from Renk. Transport of a generator will raise the cost, probably by as much as $1,000.

You can help! Buy a “watt” for $10, or tithe a part of your food or utility budget.  Or give what your heart chooses.  With your help, we can power up the village of Lathbior, and feed our brothers and sisters for years to come!