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LOMBARD, IL  60148

e-mail: calvarylombard@ameritech.net


The church is located near downtown Lombard.  It is on the south side of the railroad tracks on Maple Street.  Turn west on Maple Street from Main Street and it will be on the south side of the street.  You can’t miss it.


PARKING:  On Sundays, you can park in the large parking lot to the east of the church and adjacent to the front door.  During the week, this lot on the east is a City of Lombard reserved parking lot and you may receive a parking ticket if you park there.  There is a parking lot in the rear and along the south side of the church.  Please park in this lot during weekdays or on Sunday.


THE PARISH OFFICE is located in the house immediately adjacent to the church on the west side.  The front door is the access to this building.  You can park in the lot along the south side of the church or on Maple Street itself.  If you come to the church during the week, this office will be open from 10 am to 1 pm Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday.


If you need more directions, please call the office during office hours listed above.  The telephone number is (630) 620-8899. 


Our Pastor may be reached at her office phone (630) 620-8899.  If she doesn’t answer, please leave a message on her answering machine and she will usually return the call within 24 hours.


If you are new to the community, we hope you will come worship, laugh, pray, cry, and be with us.  We try our best to be a place of fellowship, hospitality, and friendliness.  We will do our best to welcome you.  We always have a coffee hour after the 10:15 am Family Communion Service on Sundays.  Meet us there for coffee, bagels, juice, and a smile.